Best living Room Design Ideas

Living Room plays the most important roles in Home; it is center of attraction defining the environment of the people living in the house. It is place where guest or casual space for leisure actives gathers. Living room has plenty of space for seating. In Living room Bookshelves, furniture and tables makes it look different from other part of home. This gathers the family from dawn to dusk, from other part of home.

While arranging living room keeps these things in mind

Furniture Sizes: Sofa and Chair- They are often like big tub of popcorn which can fill up the empty space of room. Don,t get too big or too small sofas get a medium sized, its best if you draw a floor plain for the best material. Make a map of the room try to put the sofa and chair as per measurement and check the traffic flow.

Rug- Usage of rugs defines a great way in seating area. Normally people make mistake at this point they use a small rugs a sides, or sometimes carpet in all living area. The Rugs give you comfort out of all these problems, if you use rugs make your it use near to the table or sofas in such a way you can keep your legs in comfort zone. Table and chairs should be on rug a least 30% of it. It gives a delegacy with comfort and style.

Side Table: They are actually important part of living room. They are depended upon the no of seating you have in living room. They are to be kept in such a way out that everyone can kept the things comfortable on it, can be drink, purse, magazines so on. They should be of same and not like overcrowding the room.

Lightning: Table Lamps: They are important for providing task lightning. Few scattered lights give the room nice look. Place of matching lamps on console table gives a formal look. If you don,t like the symmetrical manner then you can uplift the lamps to give them a different look.

Hanging Fixtures: For Fun decorative touch in living rooms Chandeliers and pendent lamp give a style. They give overall glow all over the space.  It gives a look for eye upward due to reflection. They give texture to living room and real depth. If your ceilings of home are high enough it will give a wonder for all space of room.

Walls: Thinking of adding a color to your living room but not sure what to do? There are lots of people who get nervous. For getting the living room better the key is that you choose a color Platte you love. Whether it can be soft and soothing or bold and dramatic, it inspires your inner feeling. There can be choosing: Summery style, Pretty Pink, Bold yet cozy in orange and white, Drama with black and red and soft and subtle.

Ceilings: They are treated more as formal rooms due to the public use space. Choose the wall coloring and covering which gives welcoming expression and reflects your style.

Accessories:Artwork: One of the best places to hang artwork is above sofas. Make sure piece of should be two third the width of sofa, in such way the too big or too small pieces of painting don,t look bard. If you are having some beautiful paintings in small size then get them frame so they style in living area.

Window: The curtains and drapes should always kiss the floor; it means that won,t be too short or too long till floor. They give truncated and out of proportion looks. Hanging the curtains with drapery rod must be 2 feet above the windows frame. Use French style windows when curtains are opened the Sunrays get blend with mixture floor and wall color and give different forms off shades.

Television: Put television screen up to your chest level so it can give a nice view for this you have erect your neck every time to watch it. Keep the television at a distance of from the optical multiply diagonal with the width screen.

Overall factor tips: If once the furniture is set then think of accessories  when you are assure what will fit what in particular place. Try some different looks with furniture and accessories. Make sure you do not move the furniture again and again it can damage the floor, better try to fit the accessories in proper order for this you can use picture clicking or graphs.
Adding a dimmer switch for every light in room gives a remote of lightning for particular area in home. Soften or brightness of light allows the movement of mood in the room.

Don,t add lot of color to create a big impact, choose color which make punch of pack throughout room. If you add red it gives energized impact. Using Simple wind chimes in center of curtains gives melodious sound every time .The double shades curtains gives smoothing mood. to learn more contact www.mpm-interiors.com