Office Interior Designing Ideas by MPM Interiors

Be careful when designing your working space. The working conditions and environment of office defines directly effect on people how they interact at the end of day. As if it influence on our productivity, mental being and general health.

Planning:-The designer understands the functional and aesthetic requirements of clients, followed by evaluation of depth within possibilities and constraints of the given space. An office has lot of space for not only employee,s seat, but to locate ancillary and gives services from the boardroom, circulation between these areas access to stairs and fire escapes.
The space of office depends how much area does it cover, some offices very big consists lot of space to decor and few of them are small could be in one big halls or small one room office. The office planning is long master piece which a designer build while keep in mind of growth and future requirements.

Decor which give positive environment

The wellbeing of office instills a sense of achievement in the individual and encourages him/her to move ahead in life. The office should be avoiding any sort of clutter.Add symbols, idols or any religious identity, to decor office. For decor use accessories like water foundation, chimes for positive energy. These sounds are so calm it helps to concrete in work and brings better opportunities. Keeping fresh flowers and aroma gives a positive environment, even include paintings give bright outlook on the wall.

Reception:-Reception area is meant to be the first impact on the visitor by providing space ahead. This place should be adequately dressed up as no of guests interact at this place. The visuals model can be used to display on reception. The reception should be stale in such a direction that a redeposit can keep an eye on office comings and goings.

Conference Room:- The room is a central area of any office and can give impressions of office to everyone who is having a meeting in that room. The room is easily accessible to entry so that the visitors do not have to travel all over the office. The washroom should be near to it or a separate washroom can be adjacent to room. The room must have all  equipment necessary for presentations, such as a screen, TV, video monitor, black board, flip chart etc. they should be properly hanged on wall or to be kept on  corner of the room in proper doors. The furniture should be designed that participants can communicate with each other. The room should have comfortable chairs and big oval shape table with doors inside. So visitors can keep their things properly. The lightning should be proper.

Ceiling :-The ceiling needs to be taken care reflect light and sound gives acoustic qualities space. Ceilings are available in different materials. Acoustic tiles and panels are becoming standard, especially in open offices. Holes for recessed lights can be cut out wherever required they provide a comfort if you want further changes.

Lightning:-Lighting gives an effective to work it is accounted for a considerable part of the energy. The cost effectiveness and the efficiency of lighting should be kept in the mind, while making design come alive and beautiful. Lightning create a warm in environment and different shades of lightning gives a different color of expression on walls and floors. Standard Bulb can be as a all wash, which tends to imbue the whole space with incandescence .To highlight specific objects, such as desks, plants, paintings, objects, etc. you can use fluorescents. To reduce eye strain and fatigue except of using high contrasts use general lightning. Pendant lights can serve a dual function by providing overall illumination.

Flooring:-Office flooring is subjected to more wear and tear; therefore it should be imperative that it be hardy and resilient. Choice of flooring material depends upon the function of a given area  depending upon requirements like durability, appearance, cost and maintenance. There is great choice on flooring like Hard flooring such as stone, granite, marble  are best suited, even Wood, cement, ceramic tiles can be used but they are usually noisier.

Cafeteria:-Mostly large space offices have cafeteria or canteen which help employee to get relax. The place should be clean and hygiene, well designed to make fun with everyone. There should be cupboard, cabinets, and drawer, open shelf whether they are free standing or built in walls. A storage cupboard shelves or hooks to keep cups and saucers, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee etc.  Refrigerator is used for storing milk, cold drinks and preserving food items. Garbage storage system to through the waste like Disposable plastic cups, plates for keeping economically clean.

Toilets:-The toilet perhaps reveals the true class of a company and its attitude for cleanliness even activity of its employees and visitors. They don,t have to be exotic, but they must be clean. They should have tiled surface with light plain shades which are not overpowering or cannot be scrubbed. Separate toilets for men and women are statutory to a given number of employees. Facilities like dispensing toilet paper, towel, and hand dryer should be there.