Why To Hire Architect ?

Many people may wonder why they should hire an Architect.
Some people may perceive that hiring an Architect is an extraneous cost Is so true or not?

Who is architect?

An architect is the one professional person registered to practice architecture under the certain laws of the State and country who is equipped by education, training and experience, to guide you through the design and construction of your building and renovation project.

The architect will always consider your functional needs, your budget, the restrictions of your site, engineering principles, and construction technology to design a building for you which is beautiful, strong and functional.

Architects may be involved in the design of anything used by people from cities, office towers, hospitals, and schools-to houses, interiors, furniture. Since the beginnings of civilization architects from the opera house, it have been practicing their art in much the same way, although today’s architects make extensive use of modern technology to assist in design and drawing.

Why hire an architect?

Appointing an architect for the construction of any house as the professional help would be useful in many ways. One can clearly see and feel the difference in a house designed by an architect and one by a non-professional.

Whether your project is a small renovation or a large new building, it is important to hire an architect as soon as possible after you have decided to remodel or build. Make sure he or she is professional for the first one to you want to consult. Your architect will bring you an independent and fresh look at your needs and suggest creative ways of meeting those needs. They will be able to save you time, money, and avoid many problems during the building process.

There are few reasons for hiring an Architect for your project.

Experience  An Architect has a variety of experience in the building type which he/ she brings to you and will be able to look at the project from several perspectives.

Budget: The Architect  always keep the client,s budget in mind and help direct the client so that they make the most effective choices for the money they are willing to spend or what the neighborhood can support.

Materials: The Architect has bundle of knowledge for materials, they know how much material will be used and what will be pros and cons of the specific choices in a given application.

Trends: The Architect  know about what design styles, layouts, materials and concepts that will give the client a design that they are looking for and will be salable in the future.

Extract abstract ideas of the client put them to paper:  This is one of the main strengths of an Architect, their ability to take a client,s ideas, sketches, and dreams and put them into a beautiful form which has been discussed and refined and then put into a format that a contractor can build.

Save you money for the long run: The profession experience in the construction process allows them to create an organizational timeframe for both client and contractor .It also provides experience that will help prevent changes or disappointments with the design during the construction process.

An architect is a licensed professional, it takes many years of education, internship, and testing to acquire a license that enables one to use of the title architect. This license is regulated and awarded by the State.